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2005-06-15 - 11:15 a.m.

The Apsara Tapes

I've always had a hard time finding Das Zeichen CDs, and I wonder why? They are an amazing German heavenly voices band. And yet, they are largely ignored by established DJs and musicians, included those that like heavenly voices material. Not completely ignored, but certainly the ones that are stuck in the early 1990s need to invest a bit of time and money into realizing that Dead Can Dance is not the start nor the end of this genre.

I just love this CD. I actually saw it for sale on Metropolis in April and was worried it would be gone by the time I returned to the US in June (post Switzerland / Germany), so I ordered it right before I left for Europe. It arrived while I was away, and I've had a hard time putting it down since.

This isn't to suggest I didn't bring back other great things. I did. I just felt that I'd point out that the Apsara Tapes is worth purchasing if you like ethereal music. Hey, I'll look to see if Amazon carries them! If they do, I'll leave a more formal review there.


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